Exclusive Yacht Charters

We specialise in superior skippered yacht charters providing a high level of service for families and groups at a very competitive price. Our all inclusive service makes it very cost effective compared to bare boating and takes all the effort out of preparing and running the trip. Let us take care of you and leave you with more time to do what you want to do whether it is sail the boat, enjoy the local culture, explore or simply relax.

With many years of experience our Skippered Yacht Charters can be adapted and we will work with you so that your yachting vacation and live aboard cruise really is fun, relaxing yet challenging, adventurous and away from it all. You can make the choices and we will aim to provide you with a truly personal service to create your own special luxury sailing holiday on board Yacht Meniscus or Contact Us for other vessels and be pampered for a day or two or as long as you like with a group of 2 to 6.

We will work with you so that your sailing holiday and live aboard cruise really is fun, relaxing yet challenging, adventurous and away from it all. You can make the choices and we will aim to provide you with a truly personal service to create your own special luxury sailing holiday.

We pride ourselves on our excellent fresh food on board. A mix of international and local cuisine is prepared for you and you can let us know your preferences beforehand. Good quality tableware, cutlery and linen is supplied.
Sail in style and be pampered for up to 6 people.

  • Be looked after and let us do the hard work for you
  • Fully provisioned for you and included in the price
  • Freshest possible food provided and cooked for you
  • No extra charges for fuel and other running costs
  • Guided to all the best anchorages and interesting places
  • Relax or sail as you want
  • Learn new sailing skills

Superior Yacht Charters, Skippered Sailing Holidays, Crewed Yachting Vacations, Join in Live aboard Cruises.

Sailing in SE Asia – Langkawi Malaysia, Phuket Thailand, Philippines, Andamans, Myanamar

Deluxe Join In Sailing Holidays and Cruises

Come on your own, with the family or a group of friends for a holiday with the choice to actively sail, learn new skills or sit back. Normally on a join in holiday people take part in the sailing and other activities but it is not too taxing, not compulsory and guests can make their own time for relaxation.
As with our charters we provide good quality fixtures and fittings and the price is all inclusive.

For all our guests we aim to offer a quality service with a difference:

  1. Our Personal Service
  2. Your own special relaxed, fun, friendly, sailing holiday
  3. Guided by an extremely experienced Captain, Guide and Coach
  4. Hands on Practical Sailing
  5. Good hearty fresh local food included and prepared for you
  6. A really well found, well maintained & very seaworthy ocean going vessel
  7. Quality fixtures, fittings and furnishings
  8. Finding out of the way remote places with local culture
  9. We can teach you but we no longer offer recognised certification.

Join in Sailing Holidays and Cruises

For insurance purposes we do not actually bare-boat but our prices are so competitive that you will have a hard time getting a decent bareboat for less. Meniscus is more homely than any bareboat so why not let us take care of you and remove all the hassle? Your Yacht Charter includes crew and the boat is fully provisioned for you. You can still plan, navigate and crew to your heart’s content but let us look after you, show you the best sights and anchorages as well as give you some extra tuition as you go. With us on board you can have a real holiday, save the stress and probably even save money.

Bareboat Charters

For past friends and people who want to crew and experience all the joys of boat ownership, learn about living onboard, the cruising lifestyle, help with the general sailing, maintenance and share costs. There will be opportunities to join cruises combined with exploring in a much more relaxed style as well as helping with maintenance tasks and repairs. Meniscus always needs attention and she appreciates your help. Experience is not required but very welcome. More important is willingness and a keen desire to learn and take part.

Your Charter Vessel/ Safety Equipment

She is named after the Meniscus moon, the smallest crescent of the new moon and was fitted out in Gweek, a village at the top of the scenic Helford River in Cornwall. She is a modern classic, designed by Bruce Roberts and proven to be a robust blue water cruiser with a reasonable level of performance as well as being capable of withstanding heavy conditions should the need arise. She has proved herself, in well over 200,000 sea miles, to be a good all round boat capable of making good passage times and sailing through several serious storms. She has also beaten many larger boats in races and regattas around the world.

As a charter vessel Meniscus carries all the safety equipment required by the MCA and other governing bodies for a vessel of her size engaged in chartering and sailing offshore.

She complies to all structural and other requirements.