Friends, Crew and Helpers

Join us to really learn about crewing and experience all the joys of boat ownership, learn about living onboard, the cruising lifestyle, help with the general sailing, maintenance and share costs.

Ideally I would like to form a group of regular friends and crew to prepare for a longer and more adventurous cruise but people will also be welcome for short visits too. Experience is not required but very welcome. More important is willingness and a keen desire to learn and take part.

Enlist as a Cost Sharing Friend and Crewmember to Help aboard and Join in sailing trips and Live Aboard Cruises.

Sailing in SE Asia – Adventurous Sailing Exploring Remote and Interesting places


We need volunteers to help with the summer maintenance when the boat will be hauled from May to September. The work is not extensive but includes general maintenance, antifouling, polishing topsides, and varnishing. Most of the work will be completed at the beginning and end of the haul out. Anyone prepared to help with maintenance will obviously get preferential places on any cruising we do and will hopefully form part of our regular crew. It is an ideal opportunity to learn about the routine but essential jobs.

Cost Sharing Crew

I would be delighted to have willing and helpful people joining me to help sail the boat and discover those out of the way places assisting when necessary with any of the regular minor maintenance tasks. Meniscus always needs attention and she appreciates your help.

There will be opportunities to join in for cruises combined with exploring in a much more relaxed style and at times there will be longer passages for those that like longer voyages. We will be continuing to sail in the more adventurous, interesting and off the beaten track spots in Southeast Asia. We aim to find those out of the way places and interact with the local culture as much as possible, avoiding overcrowded tourist spots.

We are not for everyone and we try to have a clean healthy existence in harmony with nature, which involves enjoying fresh unprocessed food, minimal waste and minimal use of plastics and carbon. We aim to find those out of the way places and experience different ways of life interacting with the local culture as much as possible. We will try to be aware of our actions as we know that that every contact has an impact and an effect on other people and we try to avoid clumsily encouraging change by exporting or imposing our own values.

For those on a join in trip cost sharing cruise – If you really need to be plugged into your smart phone continually and only like western food or prefer visiting resorts you probably will not be happy.

You will share the trip running costs including food fuel etc and this might depend to some extent on the length of your trip and what we do. Please apply for current costs.

Planned Sailing Area

Our main aim now is to recruit a number of crew willing to participate in longer passages and cruises to more far reaching destinations in SE Asia These include Indonesia to Malaysia, Thailand, the Indian Ocean, Borneo and the Pacific with ports in Sumatra, the Anambas, Borneo, Singapore, Langkawi, Penang and Malacca, Phuket, the Similans, the Andamans, Myanmar, India, across the Indian Ocean, Madagascar and Mauritius.

We will start cruising the west coast of Thailand before heading out into the Blue Yonder. Longer term plans will be made as we progress but we are looking to include Sumatra, the Indian Ocean (Madagascar and Mauritius), the Anambas and the Pacific Islands. Link to Plans and Dates Page

To May 2019 – Currently sailing the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Phang Nga Bay, Krabi Thailand.

From November 2019 – West Coast of Thailand including Khao Lak, Kho Chang, Kho Payam, Ranong.

With a good crew options such as the Andamans, Siri Lanka, Indian Ocean including Madagascar, Mauritius, Sumatra and Anambas

Previous Trips include Langkawi. Penang, Malacca, Kuching, Borneo, Brunei, Bali Indonesia, Palawan Philippines, Phuket Thailand, Andaman Islands, the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar.

We are passionate about the sea and exploring new and unusual places to discover different cultures meeting and learning from different peoples and their cultures when ever we can.