Welcome aboard!

We have sailed to some of the World’s most amazing destinations over the last 26 years specializing in Exclusive Skippered Yacht and live aboard Sailing Holidays.

Yacht Voyages and Sail on Holidays has changed. We now concentrate much more on relaxed cruising to adventurous sailing to out of the way places with old clients, and with friends and crew on a cost sharing basis. We will still offer our Exclusive Sailing Charters and join in Sailing Holidays for those that need to cram in their holidays to specific dates and want to have more choice about their holiday.

Exclusive Skippered Yacht Charters – Live Aboard & Crew, Join in Sailing Holidays – Enlist on our Cost Sharing Crew Program

Destinations in – Sumatra, the Anambas, Borneo, Phuket, the Andamans, Myanmar, India, Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Mauritius

Our 3 main activities are:

Exclusive Skippered Yacht Charters for Couples, Groups and Families

For those who would like a special charter tailored to their own specific needs. We work for you so that your time on board really is enjoyable and fun. It can be relaxing, challenging, adventurous and visiting your favourite spots, or away from it all. You make the choices about the places you visit, the food you would like, whether to be fully involved or just relax.

Join in Sailing Holidays and Cruises

For those that want a real holiday to relax or sail as they prefer. Singles, couples or groups can join our sailing holidays which are intended to be a cut above the rest, more luxurious, relaxed and enjoyable with the emphasis on adventurous cruising to out of the way remote places. There will be time to experience the local environment and culture. From time to time there will be cruises and passages available which will sail a route over a given period and visit interesting and beautiful places.

Friends and Crew of Meniscus

For past friends and people who want to crew and experience all the joys of boat ownership, learn about living onboard, the cruising lifestyle, help with the general sailing, maintenance and share costs. There will be opportunities to join cruises combined with exploring in a much more relaxed style as well as helping with maintenance tasks and repairs. Meniscus always needs attention and she appreciates your help. Experience is not required but very welcome. More important is willingness and a keen desire to learn and take part.

Our main aims for the future are:

  1. Enjoy some of the most adventurous, remote, interesting and off the beaten track sailing in South East Asia.
  2. Discover and see for ourselves those beautiful places.
  3. Meet and interact with indigenous people, experience their culture and different ways of life.

Recommendations Enquiries and Bookings

Many of our clients have returned again and again, some year after year becoming friends – that really is our best reference.

We trust that we are justifiably very proud of those standards and achievements and that you will be equally pleased once you have sailed with us.

If you dream of Sailing off into the sunset, then complete an Enquiry Form or Booking Form – or Email contact@sailonholiday.com